Water Intake

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Water Intake

Passive Water Intake Screens

Hendrick produces passive water intake screens for withdrawing water from lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs.  Our proprietaty Profile Bar and resistance welded wedge wire designs lead to less debris and clogging for a smoother water flow.  With over 40 years of technical experience, we can offer a solution for any situation you encounter. 

Water Intake Screen Options:

  • T-intake
  • Drum screen
  • Flat panel
  • Half intake* - Ideal for shallow water conditions. Our patented half-barrel intake screen has the same flow characteristics of our full T-intake screen, with a bottom discharge outlet that allows complete functionality in low water.

* U.S. Patent HSC 003 UAUS1

Intakes can be manufactured using duplex stainless, 304, 316L stainless and copper-nickel.  Our screens are 316(b) compliant and approved by NMFS. Download our Water Intake data sheet.

Airburst Systems
Manage the Effectiveness of the System & Reduce Costs

Hendrick recommends an Airburst cleaning system to assure trouble-free, uninterrupted operations in high debris environments or where inadequate water currents can cause a buildup of sediments and organic matter on the intake screen and gradually restrict water flow.  The Airburst cleaning system effectively removes the debris through a rapid release of high-pressure air. Download our Airburst System brochure.

See Hendrick's Airburst system in action

Copper-Nickel Water Intake Screens -
For Seawater and Zebra Mussel Environments

Copper-nickel delivers economical advantages for applications that require corrosion control or where biofouling is a concern.  We offer both 90/10 and 70/30 copper-nickel alloys.  Download our Copper-Nickel Water Intake data sheet.


Added Corrosion Resistance - If marine corrosion is a concern, especially in saltwater conditions, passive intake screens made with copper-nickel will minimze the corrosion rate. Failures due to stress cracking (SCC), crevice and general corrosion is greatly reduced.

Resistance to Biofouling - The accumulation of biological matter on the intake screen can restrict water flow, decreasing its efficiency. Copper-nickel is proven to provide an unwelcoming environment for organisms, leading to reduced biofouling and increased performance.

We have a fully staffed engineering group to insure you have the right screen for your application. Contact a water intake expert.